The Internet and the Law

Computer Misuse Act:

Users can spread viruses e.g. Worms, Trojans and Keyloggers. People can easily do this by spreading them over the internet for people to download.


Copyright And Patience Act:

People can easily just download images from the internet without the creaters premission.  Or they can steal other things like music or movies online.


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So you know Word Processing? What about Desk Top Publishing?

The difference between a Word Processing Package and a Desk Top Publishing Package is that a desk top publishing package  is used more for graphics, e.g Posters , Leaflets. Word processing packages is used for writing reports, letters and documents.


Frames are boxes that text and graphics can be entered in. They can be moved around the document and can be resized.


Guides are thin lines on your page that are used to keep everything neat looking and organized.


Kerning is the adjustment of space between pairs of letters to make them more visually appealing. It is normally applied to individual letter pairs in headlines or other large type.


Leading is the space between lines of text.Leading is also called line spacing.

Style Sheets

They allow the designer to maintain consistency and make quick changes to text throughout a document. Style sheets are especially useful in long or multi-page documents


Widows and orphans are those words or short phrases at the end or beginning of paragraphs that are left to sit alone at the top or bottom of a column.

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5 Advanced Features Of A Word Processor

This blog post is about the well-known word processor Microsoft Word. In the blog post I will mention 5 advance features that you can use in Word.

1. Macros

A macro is a predefined function which is activated by a single keystroke. For example you can record a macro and change the colour of text to red and save the key stroke as CTRL + R, when you press CTRL + R the colour of the text will change to red. The good thing about these as it can save you time when doing tasks

2. Symbols

Symbols can be entered into a document by going into a menu. This process may take up your time if you use the same symbol frequently. To save you time you can assign a symbol to a key. Like macros you just assign a key stroke and then the symbol will appear.

3. Background Colour

In word you can change the background colour. You can select a colour or a fill depending on what you want.

There is a special tool in Microsoft Word that will automatically create an envelope for you. All you need to do is insert your return address and the recipient’s address. But, if you want, you can also customize the envelope to suit your needs. Just go to Tools>Envelopes

5. Labels

All you need to do is provide the text you want on the labels, pick a type of label, and then format the text to best fit the label you chose.

Now you are pro with word!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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